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New Short Report To Be Released Tomorrow

|About: SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (SPY)

We'll profile a multi-billion dollar company we believe is misunderstood: trading at an inflated multiple on: 1) the belief its financial disclosures are accurate, 2) it's a potential takeout target.

We will provide evidence that calls into question 45% of its revenues we can't reconcile, and how it reports stable and growing margins in the face numerous red flags.

Our report will profile the people behind the Company and illustrate why we believe investors need to exercise extreme caution.

Tomorrow, Oct 9th, we will issue a new critical "Strong Sell" opinion explaining our short position in a multi-billion dollar company where we believe the results are simply too good to be true.

The full contents of our report will be available on our website. We also encourage readers to follow us on Twitter @sprucepointcap where we will have exclusive additional content. 

To support our opinion, we will provide evidence that points to upwards of 45% of the Company's revenues and ~2,000 bps of gross margin being irreconcilable. We will also show why we believe financial strain is being signaled by various Company accounts and disclosures.

As part of our research process, we conducted extensive interviews, and received chilling quotes:

On Why The Past Audit Chairman Left: "(the CEO) doesn't like people asking questions he doesn't like. And the Audit Chairman was just doing his job and sort of rocked the boat too much."

On Why A Former Account Executive Left The Company: "But I sold all of my stock the day that I left because I just felt that they are not ethical"

Asking For An Opinion About The Company's Inventory Management: "If (the Company) needs to hit a number, this did come up a few times, if they need to hit a number to show a sale, they will force the distributor.... They’ll make a deal. They'll cut a deal with the distributor and they'll convert that inventory to distributor owned inventory to show that they met their numbers for the quarter"

For any current investor involved with this Company, none of this should be surprising if real investigative work and background checks were conducted on the current, and past, individuals associated with the Company. For example, we will show you how a past audit committee member conveniently hid from his biography that he oversaw another company, in the same industry, that eventually restated revenues lower by 35%,  slashed margins almost 1,600bps, and was investigated by the SEC. Coincidence?

Thank you very much for your continued interest in our investment research. 

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