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How Do You Find Information On Stocks?

Finding information on stocks.

One of the first advantages of participants in markets is having better sources than others, with the internet it is possible for me to have access to the same information as someone making 10 times what I make and I like that. He may afford more data analysts and such, but he cannot comprehend it better because of that and technology is making organizing the data easier and easier.

I like to start off the investing day (I do not have a regular schedule as I am a student and the portfolios I work with are simulators) trying to find information from Bloomberg market data. I look at world indexes to see if any of them are sick and rolling it into other economies. I then check the government debt markets and see which countries central bank is printing the most. I think check commodities for cyclical conditions and for a sign of inflation.

After looking at the heat map, leaders/laggards and wide measurements I go much more individual measures. On my iphone I have over 200 stocks that I try to follow every session. I go through all of them noting the largest moves and try to "Guess" the factors that moved them, later I will check if I was right or if another factor moves the stock. This is the stocks app on apple products and its dispensable for looking at charts also as you simply turn the iphone sideways and there is practically no loading.

After checking the macro-economy and individual stocks I look for trends, macroeconomic issues, international news, politics and such on Seeking Alpha. I like the independent advice from guys on here and if a stock I have been looking at for a while has stayed on my mind to this point I will probably seriously consider buying/shorting it after reading many seeking alpha articles.

Before finalizing a stock purchase I Yahoo finance it. This is the best platform for reviewing stocks and is the only reason people still use yahoo it seems.

When I have time form everything else I look at deeper analysis tools that the BLS, Federal Reserve, Commerce department, Treasury department, Ivy league schools, think tanks and independent researchers release. This is like committing surgery to find the right data to support your investments after confirm previous symptoms.

In all I am getting faster at going through these steps and am finding new websites and sources daily. The only true advice I can give you is that the way you get information to make decisions on will evolve and change. We have to stay on top of these ways to stay competitive globally (my fellow Americans).

I would be interested in hearing (reading) peoples sources if they think they have found a good source that is not as well known. I really am interested in finding good Japanese economic data that is easy to read as American economic data and is as detailed.

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