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My Portfolio (Pt-1 Long Positions)

I have been following stocks since I was about 6 or 7 years old. I would always try and read the newspaper and besides my favorite part of reading the comics and weather I would always turn to the stocks page and wonder, "What the hell does all of these numbers mean"? Years later I am in college and planning on making some of my career in stocks, I know it's what I want to do.

This is my personal stock portfolio. It's simulated, but I try not to tell myself that and I treat it very professional. I would like to hear you guy's opinion on it and of course correct my amateur mistakes.

It's a long/short portfolio, I think shorting stocks is the best way to make money since most investors cannot do it (mutual funds, pensions and institutional) and the ones that can usually do not take advantage of it. I will only show my long positions though and discuss my shorts in another one being that I do not want to write a very long article and you guys not even read it!

I run 4 other simulated portfolios, but they are boring and much longer term, this is my main baby right here. I will go down by my largest holdings. The portfolio is not that old, maybe about 3 weeks. The name of the portfolio is Morrison International Investments and the objective is absolute return through just about any asset class, but mainly Japanese and American companies and gold.

Spyder Gold Fund (NYSEARCA:GLD) -25% of portfolio- Of course gold is the cornerstone of any worthy portfolio in these Bernanke days. I have 25% because I believe gold does not abide by regular investing philosophy. Usually I would highly, highly advise anybody to not put more than 20% in any single asset. Gold does not apply by this rule due to its liquidity, long term vision and of course the most massive debasement of world's currencies in history.

Wells Fargo (NYSE:WFC) -20% of portfolio- I bought this company for its conservative leadership and stellar increasing EPS. I think Wells Fargo is the only bank in America that is not a crook and the only one that I can actually understand. Wells Fargo is also the biggest originator of new Mortgages and they have made some great acquisitions in the past (Wachovia). From a marketing, economic, accounting and legal perspective they are very healthy, even though they trade at around 1.2x book value and BAC trades at a .6 discount. I would rather pay up for a good company then get a bad one at a severe discount.

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) -20% of portfolio- These guys have some of the best products on earth and many people use them every single day. Google is in a good industry to be in for the 21st century and they are doing well to enter foreign markets. I am worried about their reliance on advertising so much, but you got to take some risk and I am willing to put that risk in Google's hands than any other tech company right now.

Toyota Motors (NYSE:TM) -10% of portfolio- Toyota is the world's best manufacturer in my opinion. I think they are in a good position with the yen devaluation and they have an automobile suitable for every person on earth. German manufacturers are decent, but they are not for the masses and American car companies mine as well liquidate and return cash to shareholders, especially since Obama has pretty much bought GM and regulated the car industry to the teeth with fuel standards and Obamacare.

Treasuries long term ETF (NYSEARCA:TLT) -10% of portfolio- In the crazy world of the past couple of years you need some safety and liquidity. While I do not think treasuries are nowhere as safe as people think they are they are being bought by the largest purchaser ever seen in history(77% of treasuries bought by Fed in 2011) and the public still buys into the fairy tale, so why fight the Fed?

Proshares Ultrashort Yen (NYSEARCA:YCS)-10% of portfolio- While the American central bank has promised to QE infinity indirectly, the BOJ has said outright that they will essentially print at will and never end the program, shoot they have been at it 20 years from what I understand. The yen cannot stand up to this and a decelerating Japanese stance in the world (I hate to say this, I love Japan).

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) -10% of portfolio- These guys have just been oversold in the past few weeks they are my newest entry and I will flip out of it as soon as hedge funds stop selling it into the ground. I do however not like investing in places where everyone seems to be putting their money. I do not care if they have 120 billion on their balance sheet; it just seems too good to be true and every time I followed my instinct in that matter it's helped immensely.

TJ Maxx (NYSE:TJX) -10% of portfolio- Tj Maxx is a good hedge for a future recession in America. I do not want to go into the shopping season owning a traditional retailer as they may get clogged up with inventory. TJ Maxx des well when inventory builds up to high as they can bid down the price they pay. Also I shop here myself and this is my Peter Lynch stock. I actually bought into this stock without even looking at the financial statements, as I am trying to use my shopping experience to purely judge it.

That's it for my longs. If you guys have any comments on the allocation, stocks themselves or anything else I would love to hear it. Thanks for reading my article and have a good day.

(I have over 100% because I trade on margin).

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.