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Return to normal

I look at the markets and think they are kind of funny these days. they are spinning like crazy, looking for easy losses, which could be turned into profits, if positioned early enough. The game somehow is not so predicatable any more as it was in the last months. The european debt crisis appears over, and if it does not return surprisingly, the story is dead. I have not read much about positioning of the big players for another debt crisis in Europe, so I assume there is no money, that can be earned any more. BP was a nice destraction and again the same game was played. CDS-prices were brought up sky-high just to prepare for a "normalization", which is about to set in, now that the well appears closed.

It really is becoming predictable, if one just follows the opinion leadrs and assumes that the rest of the Banksters follow anyways. So, picking the story of the week right means a lunch at the end of the week.

But where is it going to go now? Stock crashes again. Probably not, as many of the big guys are invested there and use them as a hedge for the event of inflation - at least they are some kind of assets. One can try to scare out the small investors again and then envision a rally. Could work, but only if the media take the story of the inevitable downturn. In reality, there is a growing middle class in china and India, which should be large enough to make a significant contribution to the global consumer hunt and global businesses revenues and profits. So I do not see much room for stock losses, unless companies are too focussed on the wrong markets or caught on the wrong foot.

Or can the homeowners take another hit. They are kind of easy prey, as they cannot run or quickly change assets. Are the big guys trying to generate a second wave of the housing downturn. Trying to repeate the story that made some rich in the last years, but this time more want to share in on the profits as they are better prepared. Do not ever miss this opportunity again, have you been blind not to see it before it started, were you not informed or connected good enough to know beforehand? Others did, jumped on the waggon to at least get a bit of the share. Never these questions again. I guess Obama would not like this story and ask to print money instead, so it will be a back and forth and in the end there is not much to gain.

It is amusing to see these herds of fond managers and banksters trying to find the way to make the buck on the back of people, which do not get this game, throwing their morals over their shoulders without any regret. The good thing for the uninformed is that most of them have left the market and focus on work for their living. This leaves them unaffected by most of the stuff going on. And, if profits do not show up for those invested in funds, at some point people will question, whether this huge drain on their profits, this waterhead of banksters and fund managers really is worth the price they cost in terms of 5% Ausgabeaufschlag or annually managing costs and they will realize that on average these fonds do not perform better than the monkey does and so they will ask, what the banksters and fund managers are worth and find there is not much. Then the industrialized world will be on track again.

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