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Outsourcing Industry Hoots For Mitt Romney As US President: BPO Voice Poll

Mitt Romney has appeared as a preferred choice as USA President of the outsourcing industry in an opinion poll conducted by BPOVoice an online community of the outsourcing professionals. The poll was conducted online. In total 341 people participated in this online poll. Most of the respondents were from the age group 30-40, majority of them were from Asia especially from the middle management.

The key findings were

•Majority of the participants voted for Mitt Romney as better bet for the outsourcing industry

•Majority of the respondents chose Romney as someone who could handle American economy better.

•An overwhelming 88% were of the opinion that Obama's Attack on Outsourcing Hypocritical

•Also a high number of respondents said that this year's US elections are centered around distorted facts about outsourcing.

•A high number of respondents agreed that there has been a lot of negativity around outsourcing and hence it needs re branding.

•Even though most of the respondents agreed that US government should create more jobs in new industries instead of harping on job losses, many were of the opinion it is easier said than done.

Amit saxena, founding editor of said "Despite of media claims that Obama will outwit Romney , the outsourcing industry would like to see Romney to be elected as US President. Obama's anti outsourcing rhetoric have become a matter of concern however more or less they are viewed as hypocritical. The industry desires that the US government takes global economy into consideration before passing any bills which proves to be counterproductive for globalization."

The complete copy of the opinion poll results is available at

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