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Federal debt and deficit by administration

It is quaint that the GOP positions itself as the party of fiscal responsibility now that the debt they created is coming back to haunt them and threaten the entire global economy. 

All stats are adjusted for inflation to today's dollars: 

increase in federal debt 1978-2008 by administration

carter:  no change

reagan:  2.3 trillion, a 107% increase

bush 1:  1.5 trillion, a 33% increase

clinton:   786 billion, a 13% increase

bush 2:  3.2 trillion, a 46% increase

Put it another way:

increase (decrease) in debt as a % of GDP:

carter:  (-3.3%)
reagan:  20.6%
bush1:   15%
clinton:  (-9.7%)
bush2:  27%

or, to sum it all up:

since 1978, under republican administrations, we've added $7 trillion in today's dollars in federal debt, or approx. 70% of all the debt outstanding at the end of 2008, or approx. $23,000 for every person in the US.

During that time, GDP grew by $4.2 trillion.

Under Carter and Clinton we added $786 billion in debt and GDP has increased by $3.35 trillion. 

Average per year:

GOP-      $350 billion in debt, $210 billion in GDP
Dems-     $65 billion in debt,  $280 billion in GDP

So was it out-of-control Dem spending that brought national debt down and their horrible tax hikes that grew the economy, or the other way around?

Unfortunately for the GOP, numbers don't lie.  Fortunately for them, nobody is paying attention. 

All numbers are available from the CBO website.