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Catch Me If You Can (9/23)

Portfolio %

Cash .2

ST 94.8

LT 5.0

LT Avg/Share = $2.05

5% Price Movement Forecast in 3 Weeks

This week: No Forecast

Wk #2 Bullish on PDS: Target 6.76, closed Fri 5.98

Wk #3 Bearish on ORC: Target 13.18, closed Fri 13.60

Wk #4 Bullish Miss on PBY: Target 10.26, High 10.16 on 11/24/14

Reality Check

As a ST Trader, nothing is written in stone. Always give yourself a margin of error. If PBY at $10.16 is 10 cents from Target of 10.26, if and when it drops 10 cents, make a quick exit. Better to execute a small gain then to preserve a greater loss.