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An Emerging Smart Portfolio That Is Backed With The Latest Technological Necessities

China Technology ETF is the Greenest pasture among all the ETF's that belongs to China. China has earned itself a big and sturdy name in the technology markets. The highest yield of returns has been associated with this ETF as the demand for Smartphone's places itself on an upward path in the demand graph. This Fund had been initialized in December 2009, and tracks the performance of the Technology sector of China.

The only drawback seen to date about the Chinese Markets is the drop in the value of money market rates. China has 1.1 billion subscribers of mobiles as on date and in this fancy according to China's Industry and Information Technology Minister, the fourth generation mobile services are anticipated to be available very soon. This country has implemented a large amount of policies to bring a reformation change into its economy to be able to cope up with the drastic changes in the availability of the labor force in the near future. The rate of urbanization and the spending power of the population are now on an increase.

The increase in its spending power helps to bring a flow of funds into the financial sector, which acts as a bait for the Foreign Direct Investments.

As this nation shares a very good repo among the world economies it also poses as a threat to the rest of the world. China has been seeing a very sharp rise in its GDP and growth of its economy, so much so that the world economies felt the pressure of its huge influence in their own economies. The latest hindrance in terms of its workforce has subdued the effect today, but it still remains as a highly influential nation.

The IMF has intimated that China should decrease its social financing as the growth rate has decreased much lower than anticipated. The debt of the government has increased to an astonishing half of the GDP, and a quick control over the deficit levels is urgently required.

The latest trend in the shopping arena is the use of Smartphone's as a medium for shopping. This latest style of purchasing medium is a catalyst cause for the demand for the latest Gadgets. The increase in the demand for Smartphone's Worldwide has lead to an increase in the demand for mobile games, and has opened up new horizons for the Internet Search Engine Operators and even Broadband services. Latest Technology trends have always had an impact on other technological subjects. The use of Smartphone's gives an easy access to playful technologies and increases the social networking to a very remarkable extent. No wonder the Investments in the China Technology Sector are increasing day by day.

The impact of Smartphone's alone can be given the credit of a sudden jump in the CHIB ETF. If we look at the Chinese Domestic Market alone, the growing middle class itself contributes to the increase in the demand of Smart Phones, leave aside the Global Economy and Population. The potential of growth has still a lot of space for a further spurge in the demand. The Technology Sector of China only sees further green pastures ahead and thus the China Technology Fund sees a very positive and promising future, and scores above all the related Funds. The Global X NASDAQ China technology ETF (NASDAQ:QQQC) gives the most cost effective and clear access to the Nations Technology and Social Media Sectors. It exposes the upward trend and expansion of the Technology Industry. The companies associated with QQQC are at present domestically very strong and have not yet been able to make their presence felt in the global arena. But that does not mean that they should be underestimated. CHIB ETF is just the right exposure for the foreign investors to build a level of confidence in these companies.

Global X NASDAQ China technology ETF (QQQC) yields as per the collective returns of the NASDAQ OMX China Technology Fund. It operates at an annual fee of 0.65%. As on 7/24/2013 QIHO 360 TECHNOLOGY LTD (10.38%), BAIDU.COM, INC. ADR (8.89) and SINA CORP US (8.44) hold the top three holdings of Global X QQQC.