ETF Portfolios The Most Stimulating Investment Tool In Town

Aug. 24, 2013 3:13 AM ET
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Right beside the major conventional funds, the Mutual funds and the Stocks we now find the major activity progressing towards the investments in the ETFs. Exchange traded funds are the most favorite types of financial vehicles found in the market. This favoritism towards these funds is due to a lot of factors that are involved with the Funds. They are the most cost effective and efficient funding systems. More over they are highly transparent and allow the investors to be able to evaluate the progress and downfall of the portfolio. The diversification provided by this fund towards any asset class around the globe is beyond comparison. It opens up a whole lot of new prospects that the investors crave for.

There are numerous ETF portfolios available in the financial markets, somewhere around 1,400, which are all very diverse in their own way. They belong to different economies and different sections of the industry. What makes them more unique is that the management has the full rights to decide on the annual fees to be associated with the portfolio. This aspect allows the annual management fees to be at its lowest, literally a bare minimum charge which further progresses in the attraction for further investments. Investors can build portfolios with the desired funds and with their desired amount of funds, making them unique in all ways. Such portfolios are arranged by making a proper ETF Model by the consultants. These products offer the investors risk management options. Another very important feature of these financial products is that they are highly tax efficient. Representing baskets of stocks, currencies and commodities they track various indexes.

To help the potential investor find the desired ETF Model, a proper assessment with the quantitative measurement is required. The ETF consultancy should be able to understand the requirements of that particular investor keeping in mind the strategy that the investor is looking for in terms of revenues and risks. The research work made on the desired assets and diversification means that the consultant would have to make a clear and transparent overview of the portfolio model in question. This gives the investor a fair idea of the reward risk ratio involved in this form of diversification and fund. The aspects involved in the trends of that particular market belonging to a specific industry and further to a specific economy. What has to be seen here is that at times the assets match with another portfolio but they might be of different categories. The revenues should be assessed and analyzed every quarter. A track is required for the rotational well being of the industry with respect to the economy. This involves keeping track of the recession period of an economy and the various means of expansion and contraction of the economy and industry involved.

This vehicle has experienced the biggest growth spurt especially during the 2003 to 2006 phase. This phase is testimony of the historical rise in its demand and its loved acceptance in the global financial market.

Large cap industries and small cap industries are all involved in the exposure and managed under the firm supervision of the respective ETF portfolios.

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