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The Greece ETF Cloud Too Has A Silver Lining!

The region's debt woes have been a major factor of concern. There has been smooth trading in the Euro zone lately and this has ignited the sparks of the retrieval of Europe, clearly pulling it out of the recession phase. The latest elections in Germany and the victory of the German Chancellor Angela Merkel have led to further positive vibes in the financial markets of Greece. The policies that the German Chancellor is expected to follow are hoping to be beneficiary towards the financially low Euro zone states, though it has been controversial in her own land it is expected to have of strong impact on the down trotted states. The country is all set to help out the PIIGS in order to help them battle the economic downturn.

Greece stock market, The Global X FTSE Greece 20 ETF is likely to benefit the most from these policies and the country is all set to head towards a spectacular inflow of Investment in Greek Companies.

The Greek Economy has seen six long years of financial crises and has been sadly granted bailout for three years. Having said this, the country has managed to pull itself out of the hurdles that it had been facing by implementing spending cuts and high taxation. Though this economy has been facing a troublesome unemployment rate the IMF and The European Union, European Central Bank have decided to review the countries reform efforts and even lend another bailout if required for the next year, as the present efforts related to reformation by the country are being appreciated. The shares belonging to the country have been seeing a 7% surge at times of lately.

The recent Cyprus troubles have had a big impact on the Euro Zone due to its major debt issues. Last minute bailouts have only lead to rift between Russia and Germany. But the euro zone nations' exports have benefitted from these crises due to the weakening of the EURO.

Since the period of recession, Greece, the growth rate of the country is expected to see a contraction of just 4.2% in 2013, but at the same time the positive news here is that a modest growth is very much expected in 2014, initiating bright prospects in the Greek stock market. This sense of an optimism clouding over the euro zone is supplemented by the strong tourism season, which will help to focus on the improvement of the country's GDP. Trade ties between Russia and the Asian continent has shown remarkable Import and Export transactions among the group. U.K. and Germany are the leading members of the Euro Zone to help pull the members out of the economic crises, but Greece is the latest potential horse running the race, rising hopes of the stakers for a profitable play. The countries debt restructuring policies have raised prospective hopes in the next year to come, cutting down its interest cost on debt.

The fund broadly Invest in Greek Companies with more than 50% of its corpus among the Consumer Discretionary equity and the Financials, followed by the Telecommunication Services and Energy equities.

Global X FTSE GREECE 20 ETF [GREK] delivers as per the performance of the FTSE / Athex 20 Capped Index post at an annual expense ratio of 0.65%. The top Five holdings of the fund attuned to Greece stock market are : Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Co. Sa (20.68%), Hellenic Telecommunications Organization S.A.( 9.88%), Opap Sa( 9.08%) and National Bank Of Greece S.A.(6.89%) and Alpha Bank A.E. (5.26%) respectively.