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Cosmetic Stocks Of China And Small Cap Brazilian Stocks Propel Power

The next big frontier for the ETF Market is the 401(NYSE:K) space. This space has not been warmed up yet to the extent of their potential. There are many factors to be blamed for this. Retirement related investments are critical about the security factors. Perhaps the Exchange Traded Funds have not been able to gain the trust from the organizations that help the employees to save and invest in these funds for the purpose of achieving good retirement returns, or rather stable returns with added security to the principle invested, despite the fact that ETFs have a better bonding with investors due to their transparent and flexible nature as compared to the traditional vehicles. This market has just not been properly explored. But marking the words of the ETF Strategists, this space has a very high potential cosmos. ETFs in 401k plans can offer to be the most promising stars in the financial galaxy!

The Chinese market has emerged as a very potential market for ladies cosmetics. The increase in the women work force has led to an increase in the spending power of the economy. A major factor that also adds fuel to this reform is the internet community. At present the market scenario is good, and the retail sales profits are definitely soaring high. The beauty and the personal care industry being boosted by the younger middle class Chinese workforce have also impacted the inflow of funds into this sector. The Internet users in China are nearly double that in the U.S making the e-commerce markets the most potential influencer on the rest of the sectors in the economy. It is estimated that at present as per resources the Chinese internet users near the number 617.6 million.

In this same manner the apparel industry is in full bloom. High class brands are benefitting from the E-commerce channel and from the increase in the demand for classy profile dresses. The consumer has become more fashion trendy due to the easy access of fashion display and easily available branded clothing. Most of the sectors of the glamour market are interconnected, leave little space for product discrimination amongst the consumers.

The FIFA World Cup 2014 has raised the hopes of the Brazilian Markets. This part of the globe is all set to sizzle with the gala event and the major stake of the profits are inclined towards the small cap portion of the industry. This area is certainly a good bet for those investors that are passionate about the love for this event. World Cup is the creation of a whole new internal environment that works through the infrastructure creating an impact on the macro and micro economy of the country to improve the infrastructure not only of the few days that it improvises but through the years that follow.

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