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ETF Models And All About Them

An ETF, also can be known as an exchange traded fund, is kind of a security that is marketable and keeps a track of an index. It also tracks a commodity or the bonds. It can even keep a track of the assets like that of an index fund. They are not like that of the mutual funds. An ETF practically believes in trading like that of a common stock. The ETFs experience various kinds of the changes in prices that too throughout the entire day. These are as bought and sold the entire day too. There are many types of ETFs that people should know about before they decide to invest on them. One should always go for the ETF Consulting before choosing an ETF for them.

Types Of ETFs:

There are many types of ETFs that are available. Various ETF Models are also to be checked for the variety. Knowing about them will give people an idea that how can they select the best.

Country-specific ETFs:

These are the types of ETFs that helps in tracking the performances of the various markets. These markets generally are of an individual country. In some of the many cases these can also refer to the entire region like that of Asia or that of Eurozone, or that of the Latin America or like that of the Eastern Europe. These are generally known as the international ETFs and these are listed on the foreign as well as the US stock exchanges many times.

Commodity ETFs:

These kinds of ETFs are generally used in tracking the various performances of any kind of a commodity. These commodities can be various metals or the natural oils or gasoline etc. These can also include the group commodities like that of agriculture or the base metals etc.

Size-specific ETFs:

These are the kinds of ETFs that are generally recognized or described with the help of the market capitalization. These market capitalizations should be of the individual stocks. These can be classifies as the small cap companies like that has a market capitalization of $300 mil to $2 bil. And it can go so on.

Index ETF

This is one of the widely found and very famnous type of ETF. An index ETF generally is used to track an individual or specific US or foreign stock index. There are extremely varied amount of these index nETFs that an investor can choose from. The examples of these kind of ETFs can be Russell 2000, FTSE 100, NASDAQ 100, S&P 500, etc.

Fixed income ETF

These are the kinds of ETFs that are used in tracking the corporate bond or that of the Treasury bond indices.

The Other Kind Of ETFs:

Sector/industry ETF

These are the kinds of ETFs that are generally used in representing any of the specific sector or any kind of specific industry. These can be that of the industry of energy or that of the healthcare or that of the utilities, or consumer staples or technology or financials and what not?

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