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World's Most Influential High-Frequency Trading Conference To Explore Why Speed Trading Revolution Sweeping Into Asia

Building off of the momentum of past conferences, Golden Networking brings back High Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2012, now in New York, Chicago and London (

(August 20, 2012, New York) Jeremy Grant from the Financial Times reports that tracing a 7,800 kilometre route from Japan past the Philippines and across to Singapore and Malaysia, a new underwater cable costing $430-million (U.S.) opened for business this week aimed at automated traders.

The "Asia Submarine-cable Express" will loop up to Hong Kong in a month's time, shaving three milliseconds off the speeds offered by existing cables and providing the shortest link between the Tokyo and Singapore bourses.

The project - backed by Japan's NTT DoCoMo Inc., Telekom Malaysia Berhad, Singapore's StarHub Ltd. and Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company - is a sign that the automated trading revolution that swept the United States and Europe is lapping Asia's shores.

Asset managers and brokers trading Asian equities want faster access to exchanges and market data. High-speed fibre optic cables that transmit electronic messages containing data are a key component of delivering that.

In Japan and Australia, exchanges face competition from rivals, such as Chi-X, the operator of trading platforms in Europe and Canada. That is fragmenting trading across different venues, requiring traders to adopt electronic tools - such as algorithms - to seek the best price.

Algorithms can be divided into "execution" algorithms typically used by asset managers to buy or sell shares according to preset parameters such as maximum or minimum price, and more sophisticated but more controversial "trading" algorithms used by high-frequency traders to sniff out trades in the blink of an eye.

Algorithms apparently have created a crisis of confidence in the U.S. equity market structure after a glitch at an algorithm used by Knight, a large U.S. broker, nearly caused the firm's collapse. These incidents will be reviewed at High Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2012, this time in three of the world's most important financial centers: New York, Chicago and London.

High Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2012, How Knight Capital's 'Knightmare on Wall Street' Could Transform the Regulatory Landscape and Impact Investors, Speed Traders and Brokers", will provide attendees in New York, Chicago and London with the most up-to-date review of where this ever-changing industry stands and how new technology and regulatory developments will impact it. Recognized experts, regulators, and strategists, will return to High-Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2012 to provide the information practitioners are looking for in an open and unbiased environment, highly conducive to the most efficient and effective networking.

With insightful keynote speeches and highly regarded panels, everybody involved in high-frequency trading will gain inside knowledge about the latest technologies that can drastically optimize HFT infrastructures and take a first look at upcoming regulations that could radically change the HFT firms' business model. Topics that will be discussed at High Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2012 include the movement toward emerging markets, every time more attuned to the use of bots, the regulatory environment, how new technologies are changing the game, including FPGA applications, and a look at the upcoming regulatory changes that will definitely impact how speed traders capture alpha.

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