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Behind Xi Jinping's Warning To Japan Over East China Sea Dispute At China Leaders Forum 2012

(September 14, 2012, New York) According to the BBC, China's leader-in-waiting, Xi Jinping, has said that Japan should "rein in its behaviour" and stop undermining Chinese sovereignty, state media have reported. His comments follow days of sometimes violent anti-Japanese protests in China over a chain of disputed islands in the East China Sea and precede Golden Networking's China Leaders Forum 2012, "Political and Economic Challenges for Xi Jinping, China's President-in-waiting", October 2nd, New York City, forum that will examine the political and economic challenges facing China nowadays and the long-term opportunities that will be created in the world's largest economy by 2016.

Mr Xi said that Tokyo's purchase of the islands from private owners last week was a "farce", Xinhua reported. The move triggered a wave of protests across China. In some cities on Tuesday, Japanese shops and businesses were attacked amid heightened tension on the anniversary of an incident in 1931 which led to Japan's invasion of north-east China. Thousands of protesters chanted slogans outside the Japanese embassy in Beijing as riot police lined the streets.

The islands - known as the Senkaku islands in Japan and the Diaoyu islands in China - are claimed by both countries and have long been a point of contention. More recently there have been fears of naval conflict between the two countries.

Mr Xi, expected to become China's next leader, made the remarks during a meeting with US Defence Secretary Leon Panetta who is currently in Beijing as part of a regional tour. The talks marked Mr Xi's first official meeting since he went missing two weeks ago without further explanation. His disappearance fuelled widespread rumours over his health and a political struggle.

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