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Firms Funding Private Equity Deals at Golden Networking's Private Equity Happy Hour in New York City

|Includes: Center Bancorp, Inc. (CNBC), HP, IBM

Private Equity Happy Hour New York City,, will congregate Tuesday January 17 the most interesting mix of professionals in the private equity world, for an evening of networking and cocktails. General partners, limited partners, and individual and institutional investors, among others, will be in attendance for the world’s best networking in the private equity community. Private Equity Happy Hour receptions are great opportunities for them to speak with unprecedented candidness about their trade, both opportunities and challenges.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal’s Gregory Zuckerman, private equity firms are doing fewer big deals in recent years and lately are running into difficulties selling companies they already own. With debt less available than before the financial crisis and prices for acquisitions up, returns on investments are down. As a result, private-equity bosses are focusing on midsize deals, growing existing businesses and expanding into real estate and other areas, rather than piling on debt for megadeals. To adjust to the new buyout world, private-equity firms are looking for high-growth and smaller companies. Firms are expanding teams of executives charged with improving operations of companies they buy. Nearly half of Blackstone's deals since 2009, for example, have been stakes in start-up or "platform" companies that it will slowly grow through deals. From 2000 to 2009, Blackstone did half as much of this investing, the company says. "The buyout business is always changing. Now we're seeing more equity in deals and it has proven harder to get new deals done," says David Rubenstein, a founder of Carlyle Group, which managed to sell 43 companies and take 10 public last year despite the slowdown. "But the core concept behind buyouts—giving managers a big stake in a company's success—will always generate a good rate of return. It's still a pretty good business." "Old-fashioned LBO deals, in which firms put a lot of leverage on a company, won't work today," says David Mussafer, co-chairman of Advent's executive committee, who says 30% to 40% of his firm's recent buyouts were done without any borrowed money, nearly double the levels of a few years ago. "We're all asking what can we do to improve a business." Private Equity Happy Hour New York City is produced by Golden Networking (, the premier networking community for business executives, entrepreneurs and investors. Golden Networking has compiled the insights of top experts and industry practitioners and produced DVD Video Packages for its Leaders and Experts Forums, including:

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