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Will High Frequency Trading Reenergize South Korean Momentum Stalled On China Woes?

Risk appetite in South Korean markets was blunted after Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said the country must embrace slower growth and doused hopes for easing measures in its real estate market, raising concerns of faltering global demand. "There isn't a whole lot of momentum going forward, especially with lingering caution over oil prices and a weak yen, as well as Wen's rather downbeat note on the Chinese economy," said Rhoo Yong-suk, an analyst at Hyundai Securities. "Investors are now looking to first-quarter corporate earnings to provide clearer market direction," he said, adding that he sees the market consolidating near 2,050. Despite this dose of negative news, Mr. Edgar Perez, author of The Speed Traders: An Insider's Look at the New High-Frequency Trading Phenomenon That Is Transforming the Investing World, is moving ahead hosting The Speed Traders Workshop 2012 Seoul: How High Frequency Traders Leverage Profitable Strategies to Find Alpha in Equities, Options, Futures and FX, March 28th in the South Korean capital. As reported by The Huffington Post, high-frequency trading wields a growing amount of influence over the movement of the stock market. The total volume of trading in the U.S. stock market has escalated with the growth of high-frequency trading. The 2.8 billion shares traded every day in the U.S. stock market in 2000 have more than tripled to 8.5 billion shares traded per day in 2010, according to the Tabb Group. Meanwhile, the SEC has lagged behind. Several market experts pointed to the sudden stock market crash on May 6, 2010, as evidence that U.S. regulators need better equipment to investigate trading and the causes of stock market movements. The Speed Traders Workshop 2012 Seoul will reveal how high-frequency trading players are succeeding in the global markets and driving the development of algorithmic trading at breakneck speeds from the U.S. and Europe to India, Singapore and Brazil. The Speed Traders Workshop 2012 Seoul kicks off a series of presentations in the world's most important financial centers: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, April 12; Doha, Qatar, April 18; Warsaw, Poland, May 11; Kiev, Ukraine, May 18; Singapore, May 26; Beijing, China, May 30; Shanghai, China, June 6; Jakarta, Indonesia, June 13; Mexico City, Mexico, July 27; Hong Kong, August 4, and Moscow, Russia, August 10.