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Why Ontario Securities Commission Leans To The Negative About HFT At World's Most Influential HFT Conference

Building off of the momentum of past conferences, Golden Networking brings back High Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2012, now in New York, Chicago and London (

(August 20, 2012, New York) Howard Wetston, the head of the Ontario Securities Commission, believes that markets are fundamentally for long-term investors. That's not a good sign if you are a high-frequency trader wondering what policy makers are going to do to your strategy of flipping Canadian stocks.

Mr. Wetston, who has led the country's most powerful market watchdog since 2010, has reached no final conclusion on the effects on markets of high-frequency trading, one of the hottest topics in financial market regulation. But it is very clear from spending an hour with him in his office, 17 floors above downtown Toronto, that his philosophical starting point is hard to square with the idea of traders using super-powerful computers to churn millions of shares in milliseconds in a bid to capture tiny bits of profit that add up fast.

High-frequency trading is the shortest-term activity of all. HFT encompasses multiple strategies, but generally involves buying and selling shares in fractions of a second to capture small price discrepancies or rebates offered by marketplaces seeking trading volume. By Mr. Wetston's definition, they are not really "investors" at all - many such trading shops own no shares overnight.

High-frequency activity, now behind as many as 42 per cent of all Canadian trades, according to a study co-authored by the OSC's researchers, will be debated by experts and practitioners at High Frequency Trading Leaders Forum 2012, this time in three of the world's most important financial centers: New York, Chicago and London.

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