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Does Accelerated Dunning Reflect Burgeoning Liquidity Jitters?

|Includes: Verizon Communications (VZ)

I've been traveling a lot and was one month behind on my bill to Verizon Wireless.  Today I noticed it in my inbox and paid the bill over at my bank's web site, so VZW will get it Monday.

Then my cell phone rang.  It was VZW calling to remind me that the bill was late.  I let them no it was on it's way and returned to my daily business (for now, writing this blog).

Now, I can tell you that the only time I've ever gotten a phone call from them hassling me about my bill was in February or March of 2009. Mostly that's because I'm usually on time, and I think on that occasion I may not have even been late, but still, it was memorable.  I believe there have been other occasions when I've been late.

So, everybody's a little nervous these days.  Corporations are pretty tight with their cash.  Are we seeing a return to the hyper-tight mentality of late 2008 early 2009?

Let's hope not. Personally, I just OK'd a portion of my house renovation that we were going to going to defer to 2013 just so I won't have to live through construction again. There are two brand spanking new houses going up in my neighborhood, one of which was on spec and sold just after framing was done.  There's a big new commercial complex going up in our downtown (initial stages also funded with cash).

I think there's a collective post-traumatic stress disorder going around after 2008-9.  Yes, there are still huge problems.  Housing overhang, too much government debt, possible Chinese property bubble, etc.  But there are still children to feed and educate, seniors to support, in general life to live.  In short, we have no choice.  Back to work.

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