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Rolls Royce Trent Problems could boost GE NexGen

|Includes: General Electric (GE)

Qantas has grounded A380's at huge expense, but, it's the right thing to do. Other carriers are apparently flying A380. The destroyed Trent 1000 engine mimics a similar test stand blowup of a Trent, destined for Boeing 787. If a compressor fan blade had punctured the A380 cabin, or wing, a horrible disaster could have occured.  This spells trouble for Rolls Royce! It's also an opportunity for GE.

I'll increase my stake in GE, because it's engines have shown reliability in Boeing 777 and other aircraft. Qantas A380 was reportedly carrying 450 passengers and crew. Capacity is over 800. I don't believe A380's are fully booked. I'll predict confidence in Rolls Royce Trent will drop.