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Deadly Melanoma

|Includes: STRATA Skin Sciences, Inc (SSKN)

There are no "markers" for melanoma, no blood tests, etc. in which a doctor might find a clue for the disease. So, we rely upon a doctor's analysis, multiplied by hundreds of thousands of individuals' experience, and even their eyesight!! Just like a throat culture identifies staph or strep, Bone scan checks bone health, x ray checks lungs, etc. CAT checks cysts, tumors, etc.on and on and on. We need MelaFind to help diagnose a deadly threat. We chart the body, help patients cope, help doctors with their decision. We're looking for protection/perservation of life. Every test has limitations, every physician has limitations. Still, MelaFind is the long sought STANDARD.  Nowhere in the world is there a test for Melanoma. MelaFind is the only one. My wife had a stage I melanoma removed from her arm. She undergoes frequent check-ups and keeps looking in the mirror, etc. wondering if she saw this spot two weeks ago, etc. Melanoma can occur on the scalp, over the skin, between fingers and toes, under the finger nail, and, in body cavities. The key is "help", MelaFind will help the physician protect and preserve life.