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MelaFind identifies Melanoma

|Includes: STRATA Skin Sciences, Inc (SSKN)

With 25% of Mela Sciences being shorted, it's easy to see what is happening, in this gambling universe. I advise investors to consider the heart breaking analysis of metastasized Melanoma. Treatments, as we move forward, are being administered, and it can only get better. Immunological treatments, are helpful, etc. Plexxicon-Roche have a drug, PLX-4032, in trials that has helped greatly, in patients who have not responded to other treatments. PLX-4032 has been shown to have clinical activity on patients with the B-RAF gene, about 50%, of patients suffering from Melanoma. If if gets to this point, hopefully we have some help, but why let it get this far. Identify it early, get rid of it!!

Suffering is the word!!! Our Doctors and Dermatologists examine a lesion, and render a decision on a biopsy. Why can't they have a "STANDARD" to aid them in their decision?  Don't tell me that a Physician does not want an aid to decision making. This is what is happening:  Lack of the Uptick Rule has encouraged uncontrolled gamblers, sponsored and supported by Wall Street firms, to short MELA, while it may be dropping, and keep shorting it. SEC shares the blame, and is a co-conspirator, IMHO.

On December 1, 2010, MELA has dropped, due to illegal manipulation, IMHO, BUT THAT DOES NOT MEAN THAT FDA WILL RENDER AN INCOMPREHENSIBLE DECISION TO ABANDON 150,000 NEW CASES OF MELANOMA EACH YEAR. 15 members of the FDA had better not hope that their loved ones, could benefit from a NON-INVASIVE scan from MelaFind. MelaFind deserves a chance, as the FDA commitee approved. There are not enough lawyers in the world to protect FDA, if they don't do the right thing. All the rest is Bull ----! Joe Russo