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Shorters beware.......

|Includes: Oshkosh Corporation (OSK)

Americans have always had their own explanation for the word "Quality". It could be a lifestyle, a vacation, a partner, a home, etc. Americans love quality and are prepared to pay any price to get it. We, from the home of the free and the brave, will never accept less than "our" individual standard, and can't imagine accepting anything less.

OSHKOSH CORP. builds the best specialty equipment on EARTH. That is the reason to invest in OSK. Oshkosh Corp. has remained true to it's heritage of Excellence in all that it does. The big stock firms still don't understand the true value of Oshkosh. A few do, but the others could be mired in the options, puts, calls, of hedging  baloney. Ask your broker for a in-depth analysis of Oshkosh Defense, Ask to be kept abreast of Commercial Developments. Ask him/her to explain ProPulse, TerraMax, HEMTT, PLS. Ask for it on the phone, not for a report a week later. Probably most of you will not get a real time discussion. So, you'll have to go to the website and learn about it yourself. I've done that for 7 years.

I've predicted $48 per share in early 2011, but we could easily enter the $70 range. ProPulse is going to change the way the Army procures trucks and equipment. Buy and hold Oshkosh.