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Horrendus killer of people and families, Melanoma. We're going to catch it early. A fighting chance now becomes ;possible.

|Includes: STRATA Skin Sciences, Inc (SSKN)

An imaging system, that some innovative people thought of-taking photos, looking below the skin, compiling a vast directory, hurting no one, and these FDA people, who are jealous of the accomplishment, wish they owned the stock, want to deprive melanoma victims of a chance. It's Jealousy, I think everyone sees it, and I want everyone who reads this to know it. What is the hippocratic oath if FDA will keep playing it's games. Jealousy!!! Since we're talking FDA, what Federal penalties apply to incompetence brought about by conspiracy to deprive the american people of a early warning system for a proven killer. Pompous, jealous FDA.