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2010 Investing Lessons Learned

|Includes: BYI, CML, DSWL, INFN, InterOil Corporation (IOC), IPGP, LYG, MFCB

2010 Has been a good year, but here are my biggest mistakes.  All classics which I could have avoided.  I hope to do better next year.

Listed by symbol, and lesson learned.

IOC/BYI - Avoid large risk/reward situtions avoid shorts / options, they don't work for me

TTT Stay with corp actions through the process completion and allow time for capital structure to stabilize

IPGP/INFN - Monitor gains and trim positions that grow above 5%

DSWL - Monitor losses to validate/reject the original investment assumptions

DSWL - Avoid obscure companies with poor track record even if PE/Div / price book
look good, bad management!

LYG - don't buy on impulse, do solid research and analysis EVER TIME

CML - Take calculated risks and stick with them see below

CML - For growth/tech type positions, be prepared to stick with them if they are potential acquisition targets

Good luck in 2011