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Thanks, Washington, For The "Leadership"

I'd like to thank our political leaders in Washington for their myopic ideology, their stubborn partisanship, their fiscal ineptitude, and their outright bankruptcy of common sense, fiscal responsibility, and moral decency. Every time I have convinced myself that you elected "leaders" cannot be a bigger disappointment, you absolutely prove me wrong.

Have you forgotten that we pay your salaries?

Can you imagine any business in this country that could operate with the same lack of financial discipline you continually demonstrate ... that would actually STAY in business?

Each of you have to face the same fiscal cliff that you are imposing on this nation. I don't think any of you have EARNED a salary this year. I don't think that any of you are above condemnation. I do think that every one of you should be embarrassed for yourselves, your performance (individually and collectively), and the chasm of extreme prejudice that you have helped cultivate in this country.

Do none of you have the integrity to state what is obvious? There is no path to fiscal responsibility, economic recovery, secure entitlements, strong defense, and a growing, productive business environment that doesn't include some pain for EVERY American.

Stop your illogical adherence to party positions, your finger-pointing and name calling, your incessant blaming of "the other side" for failure to negotiate. The reasoned, responsible solutions require that no one is happy - and those are the only courses of action that will alter this nation's current path of socialized governmental destruction.

That is ALL.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.