How to Put Home Videos onto iPad/iPad 2

Mar. 21, 2011 3:29 AM ET
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Apple introduced iPad 2, the next generation of its magical device for browsing the web, enjoying photos, watching videos, listening to music and much more. iPad 2 features an entirely new design that is 33 percent thinner and up to 15 percent lighter than the original iPad, while maintaining the same stunning 9.7-inch LED-backlit LCD screen.

Its stunning 9.7-inch LED-backlit LCD screen is far superior to a smartphone for showing off snapshots and home movies. Getting photos onto the device isn't too hard. But putting your home movies onto the iPad so you can share them is not nearly as easy, especially if you're syncing the tablet to a Windows machine. Here we introduce 3 different ways to help you put home movies onto iPad/iPad 2 on Mac.

Things You'll Need
* iPad or iPad 2
* Video files want to put onto iPad
* iPad Video Converter like iFunia
* Well Network
* Enough Free storage on iPad(2)

Method 1. Put Home Videos onto the iPad/iPad 2 with iPad Video Converter
This is one of the easiest ways to Put Home Videos onto the iPad/iPad 2. I'm currently using iFunia iPad Video Converter. It provides optimized presets for your iPad/iPad 2, so you don't need to worry about the output settings for your Apple iPad. And unlike some tools, it doesn't seem to use the video card's processor either. But it does batch operations–a whole directory of files at once–and you can't beat the price.

Once you've got the files converted, there's the issue of getting them onto your iPad/iPad 2. Most people I've talked to put their videos in a special folder and use the "Add file [or folder] to library" function in iTunes to get these files into the "Movies" section of the app. I prefer to put videos in the same directories as photos. Then, if you have your Tunes configuration for your iPad set to monitor these photo directories, it'll pick up properly encoded videos and display them in your photo viewer on the iPad (and not in the "Videos" app).

Method 2. Put Home Videos onto the iPad/iPad 2 with Air Video
There are also ways you can stream your videos into the iPad/iPad 2, either from your PC itself or over the Web. Use the excellent Air Video application to give your iPad access to every single video stored on your PC. The PC-side "server" part of this app does the conversion for you as necessary. Videos can be streamed over your local network or the Internet. The iPad Air Video app is $2.99 , though you do have to leave on your PC to view your videos.

If you have a current (Wi-Fi-only) iPad/iPad 2, Air Video requires that you're connected to a local Wi-Fi router to work, so you cannot rely on using this app in houses that don't have wireless, or where you don't know the router's password.

Method 3. Put Home Videos onto the iPad/iPad 2 with YouTube
Finally, the easiest, cheapest, and slowest way to put videos onto your iPad/iPad 2: use YouTube. Upload the videos you like and set them to private. Then configure the YouTube app on your iPad with your account info. You'll be able to play your videos wherever you have a connection. But uploading to YouTube can be slow.

My solution right now: I'll use the iPad converter software if I know I'm visiting a relative who will want to see the latest home movies of my family. Otherwise, I'm relying on Air Video because it doesn't require any advance planning.

If you are a PC user, please just refer to iFunia iPad Video Converter.

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