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The Market See Saw

Up, down, up, down, the markets choppiness is sea sickening as the investment community is unable to make up its mind as to where values should be minute to minute, day to day  or week to week.  Yet the general direction shows the Bull market remains intact. 

Tuesday's loss was Wednesday's gain and if the trend continues Thursday may pull back on aftermarket hours news from China and Mr. G (Geithner).  Apparently, Futures trading is betting on comments from  "G" that  suggests there is no need to continue to weaken the dollar while China's economy seems to be cooling as it's pace of growth was the slowest in the last year.

Up, down, up, down, predicting market reaction to daily news is a gamble as fear and greed impacts direction. 

So, are we on tract for a market correction?  Not yet, to be certain though, fundamentals remain "unusually uncertain".


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