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Finding a Range more so then a Trend

The markets found a short-term range, channel, wherein to tread at least for the time being. The last few days market values are opening and closing near the same price points, waiting for Europe to make a decision on Greece. 

Tomorrow is the day that the markets may decide to resume a trend.  Bernanke's comments about the likelihood of increasing the Feds Discount rate kept the markets in the bearish part of the range as the investment community considers any change to banking stimulus as a negative.

So, what is the trend? A bull market correction that is looking to find bottom. 

Events to consider for tomorrow include Europe's decision on Greece and maybe Iran's threat to "punch" its detractors on the morrow.

Summary: Stay focused as Europe's decision will impact market sentiment.  Greece will have to meet any obligation for help, but will its citizens go along with that obligation? 

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