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Only Bulls Rush In

M&A, Personal Spending and AIG sale of their Asia unit, maintains the bullish sentiment in the markets.

The investment community seems set to find reasons to buy. 

Kohn is resigning as Fed Vice Chair, I'm not aware of the reasoning, but his departure may make way for someone who is willing to vote with the majority to keep interest rates low.

Summary:  Stagnant to bullish, so goes the trend.  Hedging still make sense.

CTM Trades:

AMZN  - Initiating a Mar 115/110 Bull Put spread for a limit credit of .40.

BSX - Opened a long term hedged options trade using a 2012 Jan 7.50 long call, a 2011 Jan 10 short call and a Jan 2010 5 long put.  Expectation is that BSX will eventually regain traction to move above 10 and if weakness continues the 5 long put will hedge a significant downtrend, Debit was 1.85.

CREE - Opened a 65/60 March Bull put spread for .70 credit today. Expectation is share value stay higher than 65 through expiration.

Disclosure: Long AMZN, BSX, and CREE