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No News, No Move

No news isn't always good news, but then again it's not always bad news either.  Today had no major economic event to help the investment community decide whether to buy or sell.  The marke was mixed to flat with the Nasdaq up slightly and the DJIA down slightly while the SPX barely had a heart beat.

Obviously, there were news events that included AIG selling off another business unit and analyst upgrades for a number of tech stocks.  Mostly, however, the market decided that current values are the appropriate values today.  A few techs like STEC gained over 11% on the days trade, and RIMM moved solidly above 70 on an upgrade.

Oil moved about $82 and Gold moved below $1130.  The EU is attempting to deal with the Greece issue and speculators that are shorting down EU currencies and economies.

Summary:  All in all, the trend remains slightly bullish (stagnant to bullish), no major economic events are due tomorrow, so the markets are likely going to remain flat at the end of the day - of course, assuming nothing scares the market into action for fear of losing invested principal or losing out on an opportunity.

CTM trades:  No new trades were filled.

C- the March protective put was closed.

QQQQ's - a April 47 Short put was added to convert the March 42 protective put to a Bull Put spread.

RIG - a March Bull Put did not get filled at the desired limit credit.

SPWRA - the March protective put was closed.

Disclosure: Long C, QQQQ, STEC and SPWRA