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Nothing has Changed

Oil inventories are up on low demand.  The EU's problems haven't changed as Greece struggles with cuts in deficit spending and an angry populous.  Unemployment increases in 30 States and the US Deficit is up to a record 14% for the month of February, over 220 Billion in spending.

The Markets view was to consider the positives rather than the negatives.  Betting on the Greece issue to be resolved and siding with mergers and positive wholesale numbers, the markets continue to move in a positive fashion led by the NASDAQ.  AAPL is at all time highs, but then so is BIDU.  AMZN is back at $130 per share and RIMM topped $75.

As I mentioned yesterday, some say retail traders are pushing the momentum upward and no really bad news seems to be good news.

Traditional media is either tired of looking at the same stories or simply ignoring news as they broadcast a "live" Colonoscopy on one of their own with Katie Couric in splash guard gear as she was in the "splash" zone - disgusting and sad.

:  Stick with the trend, but consider that being hedged is prudent and setting aside some reserve capital, if you haven't done so already, would be prudent. 

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