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Insurance Reform is a Government Jobs Bill

The recently passed Insurance Reform bill (Health Care bill) is actually a government jobs bill as it will demand hiring by State and Federal government bureaucracies such as state Medicaid services and the IRS enforcement services. 

According to 14 States that have filed a lawsuit against the Federal government the expected 25% increase in Medicaid rolls will require additional staff from already "strapped" government coffers.  With a 20 billions dollar deficit you would think California would've joined the suit, but then again since all Congressman voted yes, don't expect this State to sue, oh and yes the State Attorney General is a staunch advocate of large government.  California hasn't seen a government program worth ending or not spending on.

The markets continue to trend higher as they hit 18 month highs.  Why? Because the sheep, those whom have missed out on the uptrend since March of 09 are now just getting into the markets, so as not to miss out any more.  Hehehe, you have to figure that the markets are at a or near a top and have more downside potential in the near term than upside based on fundamentals.  Nevertheless, the trend remains your friend for now.

So, why do most Americans dislike Wall Street? It's because they don't understand Wall Street and almost always fall behind entering and exiting positions too late.   Blaming losses on others instead of where the investment decisions come, themselves.  It's easy to fault others as most of us can't find the courage to take personal responsibility.

Summary:  Stick with the current trend, but remember hedge yourself.  Don't over leverage and while there are still some buying opportunities, you can very well find yourself on the short end of a trade without properly defined exits.

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