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Indecisive Cont'd

ADP numbers and the ISM service index reversed yesterdays move that reversed the day before move, putting the markets in a net positive on the days trading.  Join the trading ride, but you must be at least 48 inches tall, not pregnant nor have heart conditions. 

Tomorrow, Initial claims will certainly push the markets in a direction, which way?  Well, tomorrow will tell.

Mr. "G" made additional "well thought out" and "intelligent" comments based on his extensive knowledge about creating jobs and small business, and yes with his Turbo Tax background to file his taxes, we can certainly rely on any comments he makes as fact.  Today, he said that keeping the tax rates for those whom earn 250 million plus at current rates will increase US borrowing by 700 billion over the next decade and would not result in increased spending nor job creation.  Pfft.  What an idiot.  Whom does he think creates jobs and is the backbone of our Labor market?  Whoops, bad questions, he obviously believes its Government as Government has created more jobs then the private sector over the last year and a half.

It is likely that the investment community will keep the trading volume light tomorrow as they wait for Labor data on Friday - volume has remained on the light side this week.

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