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|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL), CBAI, GILD, GNPR, KOOL, MBOT, SIRI

8:50am   (originally posted on Kudrna's Stock Market Blog)

It is the end of month so we may see some strength along with the better than expected GDP reports but be prepared to sell profits quickly because I don't think this bounce will last long.  Too much negative sentiment even though we are oversold and until these dip buyers gain confidence, we have to protect protect protect. I'm hoping with the anticipation of nothing negative today, we can end the week positive going into a fresh week but we need buyers to step in and not sell else the bears will keep control and only get more aggressive.

The Shanghai Exchange closed down about .2% which isn't real bad but still no positive move upwards for a while now which is concerning.  China won't be helping us anytime soon with the way they are trading only making me more bearish in the near term.

Sirius XM (NASDAQ:SIRI) up to 52 week highs...I'll trim and lock in some profits soon even though it's not trading like the general market and expect to buy back soon.  I think we have a combination of an upgrade and a short squeeze but I want to be in this stock long as I think we can see 2 dollars in 12 to 18 months.   I'm protecting my capital just in case but I also expect a breather to take place prior to $1 so I'll be looking to sell and buy back when possible.

Cord Blood America, Inc (OTCPK:CBAI) has had low volume and I'm hoping it may drop a bit so I can buy some more cheap shares but we may not go lower with the bullish attitudes of its investors.  If you want to find our dip buyers....they may be sitting in CBAI.  A dedicated bunch they are.   As I'm writing this, the stock is making me look like a liar as it trades down on better volume.  I see opportunities to get in this stock coming up soon and will add to my position on oversold weakness, even in this market.

I've received numerous emails on what other stem cell stocks I like so I'll give you two others I'm currently playing that I feel good about and will go into detail in another post.  Thermogenesis Corp (NASDAQ:KOOL) and StemCells Inc (STEM).  Do some research and we can compare notes later when I post more details.

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) is receiving lots of negative news on its Ipad which I don't buy at all as stated in previous posts.  However, I'm well aware that others will believe it and with the way tech is trading, I decided to sell my AAPL position into strength and wait to buy back lower...I believe we dip to the lower 190's if my belief that the market stays bearish  for a while is correct so I'd like to be sitting in a good amount of cash for when this transpires.

Lastly, with my previous post stating how some of the micro, small, and mid cap stocks trading under the radar of the general market, I'm going to try to add to my Genius Products (OTC:GNPR) Long.  This stock is a speculative play based around their current core competency of video distribution but their highly anticipated video game "Scratch, the Ultimate DJ" which should be a better, more realistic, version of "DJ Hero."  I'm buying under $3 but since the stock hasn't been down there for a while, I will be increasing that to under $5 soon.  I feel anything under $10 is a safe bet and I'm gambling that I'll be safe at least getting my money back in case the game flops or some type of acquisition/merger/deal doesn't take place, which I'm betting will.  The news with the game is exciting though.  My biggest concern is if they go cheap on the advertising/marketing route and the brand awareness/loyalty just isn't there when the game is released in 2nd quarter.  If you are an avid PS3 or Xbox fan and haven't hard of the game by now, you can see my concern.

Be careful getting overly anxious to buy today...protect your capital.  Good luck out there.


Random news: Gilead (NASDAQ:GILD) is initiating a buyback which only makes me more bullish on the stock.

Disclosure: Long GILD, SIRI, STEM, KOOL, GNPR.PK, and CBAI.OB,