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Tomorrow’s view by Candlesticks

Today, I decided not write about DIA or Dow Jones Industrial Average. I have been watching over 50 stock charts for some time. Some of them are signaling the possibility of topping.
Below are alerts  based on today’s daily candlestick formations.
Stock Symbol   Name of Candle                   Meaning of Candle        AAPL                 Dark Cloud Cover                 Topping                              
                          Coming down to Mid April

IBM                   Shooting Star                        Topping

GOOG               Shooting Star                        Topping                            
                          Hitting a meager resistance

AMZN                Long White Body candle       Positive                             
                          Hitting a meager resistance 

IEO                   Marubozu (Black no legs)       Very Negative                   
                         Hitting a resistance 

COF                  Shooting Star                        Topping                    

XLF                   Shooting Star                        Topping            

I predict tomorrow might be a negative day. Let’s see.
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Disclosure: No positions

Disclosure: No positions