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The Dow may stand here

|Includes: SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF (DIA)
On my May 30th blog, I wrote “The Dow Jones had topped in April and it has finished moving uptrend movement since March 2009 and any time soon it will continue to decline to down side. Also I wrote, Dow may create a small right shoulder in June (topping 10,600 area) before crashing. Today, Dow went down again to 98,200 area ( may be a double bottom)but, I predict that the Dow may stand here at 98,200 or 98,000 area (lowest production) and would go back up to create a right side of shoulder ( or may be very tiny). What I would like to say is that Dow may stand up in few days to go upside little while and complete the flower petal patterns then continue to draw a bow shape to downside.

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