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Unemployment 9.9% Not to worry, the federal government is hiring!!!!

No one saw it coming! Payrolls increased by almost 300,000 in April! What? Excuse me? Well it just so happens that Mr. Federal Government can we put it.....uhhhh....not counting some people in the workforce know....there was.....some growth to report before putting the number of people actually looking for work in the equation. It just so happens that in a month where the federal government added over 60,000 positions to its PERMANENT payrolls and another 60,000+ this month in TEMPORARY US Census jobs they conveniently state that more people are entering the workforce, funny I guess those 800,000 additional workers know...sitting on the counch waiting for Uncle Obama to open his wallet and hire in the public sector. I guess we can wait to see how these numbers are affected by the millions of students graduating this month at our community and state colleges or will know....forget about adding these until more "growth" is able to be "printed" into the workforce on the backs of Joe Taxpayer.

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