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Popfax launched new features is happy to announce it's new features that have been  recently launched. If you need fax services you might find some of the following new features useful to increase your productivity.


  1. Cover page – feature to personalize your fax with your company logo and address. To setup your cover page, please access the “Account management” page on your account. To add cover page to your fax, just enable the “Insert cover page” check box from the “Send fax” page and type its content.

  3. Mail Merge to fax – you can now fax customized documents to hundreds of destinations. Your documents can include as many merge-fields of information as you want, allowing you to create individually personalized faxes, and to automate repetitive document production tasks.

  5. OCR Fax indexing – All your incoming faxes are now provided as indexable PDF files, which means that you can search for any content from your fax file using a document management system.

  7. Popfax – printer driver – is now compatible with Windows 7.

    All these new features improve the Internet fax services and raise them to a higher level, providing customers with a range of new qualitative options to choose.

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