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Dividend Lab: 2 Free Conference Calls/Webinars: 07.10.13

Dividend Lab: 2 Free Conference Calls/Webinars


Hi everyone,

07.10.13 Webinar

I have an open invitation to anyone for a conference call on Wednesday, July 10th. I will have a PowerPoint discussing a few core positions. Key topics will include:

1. Our core positions: yes they yield 10%, but have inherent safety features.

2. Sector rotation based upon the 10-year Bond yielding 2.27%. This is a 63% increase in bond yields since May 2nd. I believe this will only increase as the job numbers was strong and should continue to be strong.

3. Hedging concepts: for those who hedge to minimize losses like Linn Energy (LINE). I am not bullish on upstream MLP's.

4. Focus upon the winning sectors for the next 1-quarter to 3-years.

Please let Alex, helpdesk @ dividendlab dot com know you are interested.

I will have a basic "Option Learning" webinar. This will highlight how easy it is to get started. I will have PowerPoint slides to show the conservative ways to minimize losses (protective puts) to establishing a bullish/bearish position with limited capital. These are synthetic short/long positions.

1. How to protect your portfolio.

2. How to sell covered calls.

3. How to calculate an overall portfolio hedge.

4. Discuss our strategies to sell weekly/monthly calls/puts for weekly/monthly cash flow. Most buyers of options lose money. We want to sell options to make money. We are not looking for home run ideas. Singles and doubles provide terrific income ideas.

5. Questions and Answers. Please provide questions to Alex prior to the call - so I can develop PowerPoint presentation slides.

Please let Alex, helpdesk @ dividendlab dot com know you are interested.