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Dividend Lab Webinar: 3-Hour Portfolio Q&A; Hedging Strategies; Profit Taking

08.21.13 evening

Hi Folks,

I typically keep the weekly conference calls to 90-minutes. The replay is available on Dividend Lab. I am 100% pleased with our hedged portfolio. We are banking coin.

I spent 90-minutes going over every position.

1. Incyte Corporation (NASDAQ:INCY)

We had a synthetic long position on $INCY. I will be sending out a "take profits" alert tonight. They had great pancreatic news today.

2. ETJ, ZTR, JMI: Phillip Goldstein

I addressed my communication with Mr. Goldstein - that I could speak of. I am making adjustments based upon these updates.

3. Equity Portfolio Protection. Interest Rate Protection.

I addressed how we are hedged on stocks and interest rates. I discussed the MLP risks - and proactive measures.

4. Focus upon Right Sectors. Focus upon Dividend Growth, Stock Spinoffs, Special Situations.

I highlighted how we are positioned - to make money period.

5. I will send out weekly call/put adjustments tomorrow for weekly income.

This income is for hedging costs and/or money to book as profits.

Thanks for everyone who called in. The webinar is on the forum to listen tomorrow.