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Hey folks -

3-months have gone by. I am really happy with our returns. I don't compare it to silly indices where $aapl is 10% of the index. (Albeit, $AAPL is my personal biggest position....but I digress.)

Here is the synopsis:

1. 8.02% return with received dividends in our accounts.

2. $2,573 lost in hedges reducing our net return.

3. Our portfolio yields 10% plus.

4. Our portfolio is hedged to a great degree, with more fine-tuning on my part to come.

5. Our portfolio has a sub .50 beta. So we achieved these returns with 50% correlation to the overall market.

6. The returns don't include the option trade income.

We have a diverse income stream with a focus upon safety and income. I'm very pleased with a safety-first portfolio.