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4-Month Performance Update Newsletter

Today marks 4-months of up and running. It's still building out the entire process: a to z, but we are making progress. Below are the results, status:

Here they are - CPA reviewed:

12.06.2011 - 04.07.2012

1. +8.03% net return. That includes hedging losses amounting to over 2%. The accrued dividends are not included in the 8.03% return. As of today, $1,084.40 is accrued dividends and we are awaiting for payment date. They will be recorded in the net return on payment date.

2. What is not included is $900 in received option income. There is also a received/accrued $2,173 income received but pending a roll. If the trade plays out appropriately, the net income would be a positive $3,173.

We have more positions open with the majority being profitable at this time.

3. We have a more than 50% of our positions hedged at this time. It is a market neutral portfolio.

4. We have had two online successful training classes.

5. I have met some good people who I consider friends.

6. We have a high yielding portfolio.

The bottom line with the portfolio:

"No excuses. No minute-to-minute trading. Just results".