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"Thank You to Ben and the Fed". or "The Decline of the Stock-Picker"

I think a big "thank you" should be given to Ben and the Fed, since it seems that they've made it virtually impossible to lose money in the stock market. As far as I can tell, about the ONLY way to lose any money (at least in nominal terms), is to be either short, or possibly being long the long-dated treasuries.

There's no need to go cross-eyed, pouring over company reports if an investor/trader is of a fundamental bent, or reams of colorful charts, if one leans more towards T/A. It seems that we're almost back to the days of the mid to latter stages of the dot com. bubble, or more recently, late 07/early 08, when "Merger Monday" was in vogue, and oil was climbing inexorably to $147/bbl.

About all that seems to be needed, at the moment, is the financial section of a newspaper, and some darts.

Disclosure: Long various commodities