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Tired of chasing...

I finally got tired of being a "day late, and a dollar short", and bought back the bulk of what I'd sold of PVX. Given that I'd sold @ $4.86, and got back in $5.20, it wasn't one of my better trades, but at least I finally found out what was behind its run up (aside from rising oil prices). It seems they sold $250 million of non-core assets in western Saskatchewan and will use some of the money to pay down a credit revolver, and the balance to more promising development plays, and their mid-stream operations.

My limit order to sell a "legacy position" in HTR was triggered this morning. They hold a lot of various CDS/CDO paper (as well as agency-backed), and despite a nice move off of the lows, its not where I wanted to be, long term, as far debt exposure goes. I'm much more comfortable with my GIM and a newer core holding, TEI.