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Good to be back....

After the denial of service attacks of last week, I STILL wasn't able to access SA. In fact, it wasn't until after I contacted Abbey Carmel, was I even certain that it was a site problem. Not being especially computer savvy, I thought it might be a tech glitch on my end, but upon contacting her, she informed they were under attack, and their tech people were working on the problem.

Several more days went by, and I still wasn't able to access the site. I'd get my various alerts to my inbox, and I could open them, but clicking on a given article title yielded nothing but a message telling me "this program can't open this web page".

I then contacted Boaz Berkowitz (not really having an email addy for their tech person/people), who responded darn near immediately, inquiring as to what OS I am running, the browser and version, as well as my IP addy, even furnishing a link, that when clicked on, immediately offered up the information. He mentioned that even though the attack(s) had been dealt with, there were still issues with random users/visitors to the site.

After replying with all of the requested info, Boaz replied that I should use a different browser (I normally use IE8)....either IE7, Firefox, or anything else except for IE8. Lo and behold, after downloading Firefox, VOILA!!!! back in the saddle, up and running.

I want to commend the whole SA gang for all of their dilligent efforts. From day one, I've found the site to be a great resource for any trader/investor, regardless of their level of experience, and I strongly suspect that I'm not alone.

By the way, I have NO conection with Seeking Alpha, beyond commenting and submitting articles, from time to time.