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Following The Money

One of the things that I follow are the Lipper FundFlow Reports. To me, their value lays in the insight they give into what segments of the market the money is moving, so its more of a macro tool.

Today's report showed that for the first time since December of 2009, fund flows were positive, with mixed equity funds garnering $11.0 B, and bond funds raked in an additional $18.6 B of inflows, while money market funds had outflows of $26.3 B.

I find it of more than a bit of interest that bond funds are still the "go to" investment for an awful lot of people. Another interesting tidbit in the current report, is that for the first time in 18 months, short term investment grade debt was slightly more popular than the intermediate investment grade debt segment, as short tern notched up a $2.6 B gain, as opposed to the $2.3 B gain for intermediate term debt.

It looks to me like some folks are thinking rates may be going up sooner, than later, despite the current language from the minures of the last Fed meeting.

For those interested, Lipper has both a free, as well as a paid/subscription service.

Source: Lipper FundFlows Report

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