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Lingering Greek Deifault to begin the next wave of Global De-pression

Yes Greece de-fault to begin the next wave of Global de-pression is very likely a situation of not "if" but "when". And if not Greece then one of the other troubled euro nations known simply as the PIIGS. De-nial is an ugly lie to the self and others to hide an even uglier truth. The markets and world economies must de-leverage and that means only one thing to the average and poverty...and this truth is greatly de-nied in the psyche for those brought up to believe in the American Dream of endless de-light. Now it looks as though a war will be waged on some level to de-fend the way of life. And we love wars...War on drugs, war against terror, war against hunger, so now lets have a war against poverty since it is to late to have a war against 50 years of government debt. Unfortunately the truth is ugly and we are our own ugly enemy of unsustainable debtors. Get back to producing something other than debt and war America and you will be great again.