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Get To Know Why The Real Deal of Markets are Going Up!

|Includes: ALL, BAC, C, GLD, GS, IYG, MET, MS, RY, RYH, TLT, WFC, Financial Select Sector SPDR ETF (XLF)
Hard to imagine! The truth is in the story why.  The markets love econometricians. This is when effective bail-out needs meets to the level sustaining Austerity  ratios.  Hence, ECB along with IMF and Ireland, and countries yet discovered in also needing assistance. 
The DANGEROUS Atom Bomb lies with the potential fall-out if congress has truly shut the door on extending the unemployment benefits for millions of folks coming into December. If Congress, along with the President does not go back to work and approve the 2 1/2 million coming off the Unemployment Benefits and COBRA extended 65% discount to 35% pinked slipped employee pays.  

Underline the corporations, rich enough to pay due to their 10-K filings and ability to buy back shares and raise dividends sends this signal loud and clear.  Corporations should have to continue to pay the COBRA Health benefits of these folks they displaced. And, if Congress is smart enough, they can apply the equation to have these same Corporations pay an extra 2 1/2 percent unemployment rate hike to unemployment tax. This hike would take the taxpayers off the hook and bring back the real winners in this massive QE2 recovery surge. 
Time to beef up the extensions needed to keep massive unemployed floating till the wheels turn to dissolve/resolve the housing crises, along with the many hidden other debt loads. These debt loads being lessened as their leveraged exposures are calculated through Austerity Theorems.
Central Banks involvement in floating this entire scheme since 2007 has rung the bell of Austerity Theorems of Coase Oppression for all.  Markets are very effective in running the futures to scale this probability of Dow reaching 12,500 and the S&P into the 3,200, and Nasdaq to 4,250. 
Read this link provided giving the importance of stopping an Atomic Bomb to tank the market being on the table ready to blow.  

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