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Here Is What I Am Sick Of.

One of the secrets to a successful investing experience depends on our ability to ignore those things that we have absolutely no control over. Here are a few of those things: interest rates, government policies, stock prices and other people's decisions. That covers a lot. Knowing that our Personal Economy is the only one we can have some influence over, I am deeply troubled when I hear radio commercials that bemoan the "volatility" and "roller coaster ride" of the stock market. In my daily 8 minute commute this morning I heard two commercials promising "stock market returns without the stock market risk." Really? Which planet? Because it does not exist on this one. And thank goodness!

Remember, when you hear paid advertisements that make such promises, run as fast and far as you can. Risk is neither a negative nor positive word in the world of investing. It is a neutral word of measurement. And a useful one at that. It defines the standard deviation - or amount of fluctuation - that will be present in a portfolio based on the level of investment return you need. Stocks are rising-income investments (as opposed to bonds which are fixed-income investments). By properly defining the risk level that is right for your specific situation - just like all fingerprints are different (or today maybe a snowflake) - everyone has unique circumstances in their financial life. The only way toavoid outliving your money is to own the great companies in America and around the world (stocks).

So, investing does not make me sick (like it evidently does some people). But commercials feigning illness from investing certainly do. Avoid those with this kind of thinking or your portfolio may catch a fatal illness long before you are ready to end your retirement.