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Sodastream (SODA) Shares Will Gap Up Higher On The Release Of A Bullish Research Note To Be Published In The Coming Weeks

|About: SodaStream International (SODA)

Sodastream store checks over the past week have been absolutely explosive. Over the critical "weekend before Christmas" shopping period, Institutional Insider ramped up store checks across the board to several per day.

During these checks we noticed tremendous acceleration in unit sales of the Jet and Genesis models Sodastream machines.

On Friday we saw that 90% of the stores in our universe (which we keep confidential for legal purposes) were already sold out of all Sodastream machines with exceptions in the larger regional stores; some carrying as many as 11 units of the Jet. By Saturday afternoon, every store had sold out of both the Genesis and the Jet. The majority of these stores take shipment either on Saturday or Sunday, and again, our channel-check analysts noted that the inventory had again been depleted even after restocking, with some stores carrying only 1 or 2 machines (of either machine, but not both).

Institutional Insider is initiating a buy on Sodastream (NASDAQ:SODA). We expect SODA shares to gap higher on the release of bullish research reports that we expect will be published in the weeks to come.

We are confident in our prediction that a report will be published in the coming weeks about strength in Sodastream and expect shares to gap up accordingly.

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